5 healthy tips to kick off 2021 with a balanced mind.

No one could have predicted what 2020 delivered. With the pandemic, loss of jobs, business closures, and many working remotely, we found ourselves spending a lot more time at home, and in our yoga wear no less.
Staying home made it easy to become more sedentary. The 5 pm cocktail became a daily treat, workouts stopped when gyms closed, far fewer steps were taken being away from the office, and everywhere for that matter. This impacted affected weight and overall health for so many.
It was definitely a challenging year. We’re happy to see it go, but what will 2021
bring? It’s a perfect time to focus on our physical health and mental well-being. We need to spend the time to take better care of ourselves. Here is a list of things help kick start your year:
Weekly exercises classes. If your gym is not open or you’re not comfortable
going to group classes yet, find an online class. Many fitness teachers started
their own virtual classes when the pandemic hit in March and have been
teaching via Zoom
Shorter workouts are ok! It may be easier to squeeze in a 30 min. or less
workout during your day, especially if you are managing childcare, work and
workouts in the same space
Go outside. Exercising in fresh air just feels good. Hiking, biking, even taking
your dog for a walk will help you get your steps in and energize you
Juice cleanse. If the thought of a dry January is overwhelming, try doing a 3-5
day juice cleanse. It’s a great way to detox from everything we indulged in
over the holidays and to kickstart a cleaner eating plan. We can do anything
for 3 days, right?
Meditate. Find a tranquil place where you can practice breathing exercises.
Meditation helps increase physical relaxation, calmness, and overall physical
and mental well-being. Which sounds great after a year like 2020!
These simple steps are a good place to start. Self-care is important for body and
soul. Yogini Yoga Wear clothes and accessories can help you with your relaxation.
Check out our website for more info at yoginiyoga.net

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