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On Yoga & Meditation

The Yoga Journey It doesn't matter which road you take, the destination is the same. More important though than the destination is to enjoy the journey itself..... There are so many different types of yoga one can practice and it seems as if every week a new studio comes into being. It's wonderful to have choice and options as it's crucial that you give yourself the freedom to experiment with what makes your body and spirit smile. The joy, peace and energizing effect of your yoga practice will create a lifelong devotion and discipline.  Mindfulness For a better understanding of present moment awareness, I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's books The Power of Now or One Good Earth.  John Kabat Zinn...

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Insights From The Yoga Mat

Welcome to Yogini yoga blog, "Insights From The Yoga Mat". This blog is born out of the insight or benefit provided by ten plus years of yoga practice. Don't get me wrong, yoga is not some instant miracle, but more like a commitment to walking along the inward path or journey of self discovery.  Aside from some of the obvious physical benefits, it is the inner quiet and awareness that develops over time which comes from connecting within.  With so many types of yoga to choose from, what matters is that you allow yourself to experiment and discover which one makes you feel great. I tried several yoga styles before finding Kundalini Yoga. It worked for me, so 14 years...

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